The Cape Town Argus Cycle Tour & Giro del Capo, 1992 to 1994

Back in the early 1990’s the “Pick 'n Pay” Argus Cycle Tour in Cape Town South Africa was as it is still now one of the best one day cycle events that everybody can take part in. Whilst for most people it is a fun ride with many people aiming to get under 3 hours for the 105km (I think the route has changed a little now), at the front it was and still is a serious race, often with top European amateurs and pros attending.

However back then it also formed the last stage of the Giro Del Capo Stage Race which I took part in on three occasions.

1992 Pick 'n Pay Argus Cycle Tour South Africa

The photo above was passed onto me by my good friend Kurt (on my right in the picture) and is of us lining up on the front row at the start line of the 1992 Argus Cape Cycle Tour in Cape Town – I am on the right and Kurt is to the left of me. South African Andrew McLean (now a TV commentator amongst other things) was in yellow, leading the Giro Del Capo race and is next to Kurt. Above and to my right is the late Fransie Kruger, a really talented South African Pro who I believe took his own life a few years later. McLean went on to win that years Giro and along with Willie Engelbrecht, dominated the South African cycling scene in the early 1990’s. Ogh and yes, as the first group to leave, it was still dark!

1992 Argus Cycle Tour

This next photo is of me climbing over Chapman’s Peak in the 1994 Argus Cycle Tour and Giro del Capo. I rode pretty well that year and really enjoyed the race.

Zimbabwe Team - Giro Del Capo

This photo above is a group photo of the Zimbabwe team at I think the 1994 Argus & Giro del Capo’s. From left to right: Justin Marabini, Adam Seargent, Kurt Begemann, James Walker (in the roof), Jason Whitehead, Paul Zatta (manager).

Me on my Colnago Master in a Time Trial stage of the Giro del Capo in South Africa

Me on my Colnago Master in a Time Trial stage of the 1993/1994 Giro del Capo in South Africa

Time Trial at the Giro Del Capo Stage Race

This last photo is of me in the starting house of a time trial stage in the 1993/1994 Giro del Capo stage race.

  • Andy Duff

    Wow, loads of memories coming back! I still have my race number from ’98! It was one of those races that I can still remember in detail. Really cool experience.

    Great articles Jason, so many names and faces that bring back good memories. As a little 15 year old at the time, I remember thinking, yeah, I wanna do all of those races.

  • Great memories. Thanks for posting