KITFT – Kariba Invitation Tiger Fishing Tournament 2010

I have stated heretofore in print and am still ready to maintain my pronouncement, that the tigerfish of Africa is the fiercest fish that swims. Let others hold forth as advocates for the mako shark, the barracudas, the piranah of the Amazon, or the blue fish of the Atlantic. To them I say ‘Pish and Tush’.” L. J. McCormick, 1949.

“Wakey Wakey… Rise and Shine It’s Tiger Time!”
On October 6th 2010 one of the biggest annual fishing events in Africa and certainly in Zimbabwe will begin. The Kariba International Tiger Fish Tournament has been recognized by the International Game Fish Association as one of the greatest Game Fish tournaments in the World and KITFT was made a qualifying round of the IGFA Inshore World Game Fish Championships.


The Kariba International Tiger Fish Tournament started way back in 1962, when a bunch of farmers deciding to go fishing.

Since then the tournament has grown and in 1991 there were 333 teams – some 300 more teams than the first tournament. At last year’s tournament 186 teams participated from 6 countries.

The biggest haul was recorded in 2000 when 9 910.700 kgs of fish were caught. The biggest fish was caught by Mike Otto in 1989 weighing 10.210kg. Ladies have also become a force to be reckoned with and both the ladies records were broken in 2000. The top Ladies Individual Aggregate stands at 58.890kg held by Char Ward, and the biggest fish by a lady being 8.850kg, held by Merinada Wheeler.

More About the Tournament

  • You can find more information and Live results during the tournament will be available on the official KITFT Website
  • The official KITFT Magazine will be out in mid to late September and anyone anywhere can request a free copy by sending their Postal details to [email protected] (they will post it to you)

More about the Tigerfish

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