Katie Grubb – Zimbabwean Artist

Displaced by Katie GrubbMuch of Katie’s work in recent years has been concerned with her birthplace – Zimbabwe. The ongoing political turmoil and the resulting human rights abuses have been the central core of her work. Her most recent work explores the occurrence of ‘diaspora’ and its implications. Mapping journeys & tracing the heartbreak of exile that thousands of people suffer worldwide due to political unrest & violence.

Africa’s diverse beauty and rich heritage are her powerful source of inspiration.
Her series entitled “Identity” stems from an upbringing in Africa and calls into question cultural stereotypes and preconceived notions of belonging. This series includes screen prints of traditional African imagery on traditional English prints such as wallpapers and lace curtains. Through this she engages her audience by immersing them into a fusion of cultures and challenging further debate on personal identity and what it means to “belong”.

To see her latest work take a look at her website: Katie Grubb -Zimbabwean Artist

Zimbabwean Art & Images for Sale:
Photographic Print of Elephant on shore of Lake Kariba

Photographic Print of Elephant on shore of Lake Kariba

12×8 Print. Image size 305x200mm.
Printed on professional grade Fuji Crystal Archive Photographic Paper for clear and sharp images.
Paper size 305x203mm (approx).
Elephant on shore of Lake Kariba.

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