The Best Braai

Ok, so the above example of an “Extreme Braai” would probably not make it into everyone’s top 10, but what does make the best braai? There are probably as many answers to this question as there are opinions as to the best way to make boerewors.

I know that there will be many of you that swear by your 44 gallon drum, cut in half to make a braai, or that your gas skottel braai is the best and yes I too love my parents half drum braai back home in Zim and the skottel has to be one of the best gas braai’s especially for breakfast fry-ups, but what is that saying: “when in Rome do as the Romans do”, and in my case it was more of “when in the UK” and here drums and skottel’s can be hard to find (although not impossible).

Weber Charcoal Barbecue

I have had my Original Weber charcoal barbeque for over 5 years now and still use it and in my opinion they must be one of the best charcoal braai equipment that you can get and here is why:

You can just use the grill to cook old favourites like boerewors and steak, but then use the cover and a whole new world opens up. I have cooked many fantastic roasts on the Weber and there are many in the southern hemisphere, that them to cook their Christmas turkey.

As you may have heard the UK weather is not the best! Yet I have left my Weber outdoors with no cover on every summer, only taking it into the shed in the winter and yet there is still almost no sign of rusting. I am still using the original grill and everything still works 100%, so whilst you can get cheaper imitations, I would recommend against it unless you dont mind hiring an appliance service to repair it or only need it to last for a single summer.

Some people swear by their brick braai and yes, they can look and work great, but just make sure it is located in a good spot. I like the fact that I can move the Weber, following the sun throughout the day, which is very important here in the UK!


Your Opinion

I would love to get your opinion and photos of your favourite braai, just leave comments below or contact me.

More Information

Ogh and before I forget, a BBQ/Barbecue should be something you wait in line for to get your hair cut and has nothing to do with cooking great food outdoors ;-)

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