Zimbabwean Formula 1 Drivers

Formula 1 Driver - John Maxwell Lineham Love

With this years Formula One championship shaping up to being one of the most exciting ever, I thought I would take a look at Zimbabweans involved in Motorsport.  Zimbabwe has a very strong  heritage in motor sport, with a number of Zimbabweans doing well in many different disciplines all around the world (more to follow), but I wonder how many of you know that there once were two Zimbabweans (Rhodesians) who drove in F1 as well as a multiple MotoGP world champion (motor cycle racing).

John Maxwell Lineham Love

Not only did John Love race in Formula One, but he was involved in one of the most interesting stories in it’s history, he was born in Bulawayo, Rhodesia (Now Zimbabwe) on December the 7th 1924 and sadly died recently on April 25th 2005. His first formula 1 race was the 1962 South African Grand Prix held at East London on December 29, driving a Cooper-Climax where he finished 8th, the Two time world champion and father of Damon Hill, Graham Hill went on to win the race.  >> For more on this very interesting story, check out my post on John Maxwell Lineham Love.

Sam Tingle

The only other person from the then republic of Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe to successfully enter a Formula One race, was Sam Tingle. He was actually, born in Manchester, England on August 24th, 1921 and sadly like John Love recently passed away on December 19th 2008, in Cape Town, South Africa.

He raced for the then Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, taking part in five Formula One World Championship Grands Prix, as well as several non-Championship F1 races.  His first was on December 28th 1963.  During his brief career, he did not manage to score any championship points.

Clive Puzey

A third very talented driver from Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) was  Clive Puzey,who came close, but failed to pre-qualify in his attempt to drive in the 1965 South African Grand Prix.

  • len

    I was a great admirer of John, from the early days when he drove OKV 3 the D Type Jaguar.
    I would love some pictures of the Jag and the Team Gunston cars that he drove so brilliantly.
    John and Sam were awesome, those were the great days of motor racing.

  • Dennis Laidler

    I remember watching Jon Love and Sam Tingle in his Connought racing at the Marlbrough track in Salisbury during the 60’s. Sitting on the koppie among the granite boulders with my father. No grandstands then hahaha.
    See picture of the old track and koppie here http://travel.webshots.com/photo/1008866809010215637KBuCJYIdsr

  • Jon Fuentes


    I am doing a piece of writting on John Maxwell Lineham Love. I need to know if someone knows, how tall was he?
    I appreciate it very much.