Jacqui Smith Swims English Channel to raise money for Zimbabwe

Jacqui Smith ZimbabweNot to be confused with the British Home Secretary also named Jacqui Smith, who last year warned of an influx of Zimbabweans into the UK, and who had to repay British taxpayers £21 after it was revealed that expenses she claimed last year for home internet service also included four pay-per-view movies, two of which were adult films!

We are talking about the Zimbabwean Jacqui Smith, who used to swim for Zimbabwe and who recently completed the iconic feat of swimming across the English Channel.

I don’t know about you guys, but I have dipped my toe in the sea in Brighton before and it was almost frozen off, so the idea of swimming from Dover to Cap Blond-Nez in France sounds like madness.

The swim took her 12hrs 35mins and she did it to raise money for WEZIMBABWE, a Registered Charity (in England) that is dedicated to the training for children and young people throughout Zimbabwe.

Before the even she said that “The more money I raise for Zim, the more I will quite literally be encouraged not miss training, every penny will push me closer to France.” and that “One pound will go miles in Zimbabwe… I am not asking for a fortune, just a small donation.”  To date she has raised (offline & online) £4,511.27, which is not far at all from her target of £5,000.00.

It is not too late to recognise her incredible effort with a donation:

http://www.justgiving.com/jacquismithschannelswim/ or for more on her swim, take a look at her blog: Jacqui Smith English Channel Swim.