Homes in Zimbabwe

About Homes in Zimbabwe
HIZ helps financially destitute pensioners in Zimbabwe by providing food, equipment and services mainly to care homes throughout the country. The beneficiaries are local and British citizens whose pensions have no value in the local economy.

This year they aim to feed 1700 frail, elderly in Harare, Bulawayo and other towns around Zimbabwe and they provide food to 28 residential homes. It runs a soup kitchen and supports SOAP (Save Our Aged People) in Harare and Bulawayo; a network of volunteers who deliver food parcels to elderly people struggling to survive in their own homes. Without Homes In Zimbabwe’s support many would starve.

How you can help
You can either donate money, or gifts in kind or get involved with some of their fund-raising events such as the HIZ Royal Thames Yacht Club Annual Fundraising Dinner, Charity Golf Competition or the eXtreme 5 Challenge.

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