Returning to Zimbabwe

Over 10 years ago we left Zimbabwe and came to live in England and whilst the UK has been very good to us, for me the weather and the indoor lifestyle has been a real problem.

So like many of my friends, we considered living in other warmer countries around the globe, like the USA, Australia and Spain and even went to check them out. But in the end, none of them felt like home and that is why we are now seriously considering returning home to Zimbabwe.

Having a look on the web for advice I became frustrated with the conflicting advice, much of which is out of date and so I decided to put this section together on

I will be adding what real usefull information I find out as well as post information of our experiences as we work towards deciding and/or going back to Zimbabwe.

But this is also where I need your help – If you are also planning to return to Zimbabwe or already have made the trip, I would love to get all your experiences, advice and comments.

I also want to point out that I as yet have not made my final decision on weather I will be staying in the UK, or returning home to Zimbabwe and as such this section is a work in progress and I will be continually adding to it.