I have been doing a lot of research lately into wheelsets with the aim of acquiring a new set for the next season of racing. The problem that I am having is that I can't find anywhere where I can quickly and easily compare wheels based on a set of requirements taken from their main specifications.

For example, just try searching for a 50mm Carbon, tubular wheelset that costs under $1500! I know that there are many that fit this criteria, but the main problem is that whilst most online bike shops will allow you to filter their results on a few criteria like price and manufacturer, there are none that I know of that go much deeper than this without forcing you to look into the details of each one, which is very time consuming and frustrating.

So to begin with the growing list below contains the wheelsets that I am personally interested in. I have added them into a database and then onto this site with a number of filters so that you can go through them easily, adjusting the sliders and filters depending on your preferences. In time I plan to add to this and hope to eventually have a comprehensive list of wheelsets that are easily searchable:

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