Fori Bars: The Ultimate High Protein Savoury Snack?

I seem to be constantly hungry and for me the worst time is the moment I sit down in front of the TV in the evening, when the desire to snack on something is sometimes completely overwhelming (even after a good dinner).

With the amount of training that I do and the subsequent amount of calories that I burn every day, eating and snacking more than most to quench that pain is not necessarily a bad thing for me. My body needs the food, not only to refuel for the next workout, but also to repair and rebuild the muscles that I have broken down in the previous sessions.

There was a time when I would simply dive into whatever was in the cupboard, fridge or freezer (I have a major soft spot for chocolate ice cream), but since I have started to take my nutrition far more seriously, I have been far more mindful of making sure that what I put into me not only tastes good, but is what it my body actually needs.

It is not only bodybuilders and weightlifters that require loads of protein, as an endurance athlete, you also require far higher levels of it in your diet than the average person in the street. Depending on your exact situation, this is not so much as to build bigger muscles, but to repair and rebuild your muscles, which combined with the correct training is what makes them more efficient and stronger over time.

Fori Bars - The Explorer Pack with Box
Fori Bars – The Explorer Pack with Box

Fori High Protein Meat Snack Bars Review

With this in mind, I am always after food that I can snack on that will not only not be bad for me, but actually be a healthy part of my overall diet.

So whilst doing some research on this exact subject, I stumbled across the Fori bar, which according to their marketing is the ‘ultimate savoury snack’ and looked to tick all my boxes and more:

Main Highlights

  • High in Protein: each 69g bar contains 20g of protein
  • Natural Ingredients: Real food with no additives or preservatives as well as low in sugar and look to be an ideal substitute to sweet snack bars, many of which are over processed and artificially sweetened
  • Great Ethics: The meat and eggs are taken from grass-fed and free range animals
  • Paleo Friendly: Which means that they are dairy, wheat and grain free

fori bars range

Fori Explorer Pack

Fori Explorer Pack Box
Fori Explorer Pack Box
Currently there are four different Fori bars available, each of which has very different ingredients and so I assumed would taste quite different to each other (correctly as it turns out). So to test them all before deciding on a larger order of my personal favourites, I decided on the Fori Explorer Pack that contains one bar of each flavour:

  • Chilli Beef with Cranberry & Date
  • Moroccan Lamb with Apricot & Date
  • Piri Piri Chicken with Apricot & Chilli
  • Thai Turkey with Chia Seeds & Lemongrass

Comparisons: Other High Protein Foods & Products

The table below lists a selection of food and supplements that I have used or currently use in my diet that contain a high content of protein in them. It also shows their energy content and the amounts of fat and carbohydrates per 100g (100ml in liquids).

As you can see each Fori Bar is slightly different, but they all rank very well amongst them and for those looking to keep their weight down, most of them do it without adding too many calories:

Cal (kcal) Energy (kj) Carbs (g) Fat (g) Protein (g)
Biltong (Lean Beef) 100 294 1239 0 4.5 57
Myprotein Total Protein Powder 100 350 1482 4.4 3.9 74
Aptonia Whey 3 Protein Powder 100 368 1634 11.7 6.3 69.8
Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese 100 398 1654 0.4 29 33
Mozzarella Cheese – Nonfat 100 141 590 3.5 0 32
Chicken Breast 100 165 690 0 3.6 31
Cocoa+ Chocolate Crisp 100 528 2183 26 32.5 30.1
Fori Thai Turkey Bar 100 231 967 4.6 9.2 29.6
Fori Chilli Beef Bar 100 211 888 8 6.3 29.3
Fori Piri Piri Chicken Bar 100 246 1029 7.7 9.5 29.3
Fori Moroccan Lamb Bar 100 211 888 6.3 7 29.3
Peanuts 100 605 2505 9.6 48.3 28.5
Tuna 100 124 527 0 1.3 28
Cocoa+ Plain Chocolate 100 525 2190 24.8 35.5 27.1
Comte Cheese 100 410 1700 0 34 26
Peanut Butter 100 611 2530 14.5 48.7 24.8
Sardines a la Tomate 100 179 748 0.4 11.1 19.4
Turkey Breast 100 104 435 4.21 1.66 17.07
Feta Cheese 100 264 1105 4.1 21 14
Boiled Egg 100 155 649 1.1 11 13
Lindt Excellence 99% Chocolate 100 567 2337 8 49 13
Quinoa 100 374 1580 66.2 4.6 12.5
Ivoria L’Intense 85% Chocolate 100 596 2465 24 47.7 11.2
Milk – low fat (100ml) 100 46 195 4.8 1.6 3.2


It can be really difficult to make a meat product look really good. Indeed it has to be said that biltong which is favourite meat snack is far better tasting that it looks.

There is no denying that Fori’s packaging is excellent: I love how the Explorer Pack arrives in a presentation box and the glossy packaging of each bar makes them almost look like there is chocolate contained within and so it is easy to forget that they are mostly made from meat and thus I did wonder and to be honest was a little worried about what they would look like.

Well, as you can see from the image I took below, they sort of look like a slightly overcooked but at the same time moist oat biscuit or muesli bar and whilst this may not be quite as exciting as the outer packaging, the sight of them was in no ways off putting to me:

Thai Turkey Fori Bar, the Taste Test
Thai Turkey Fori Bar – the Taste Test


Each bar is made from different ingredients and as such, like their taste, they all smell a little different. But at the same time there is a distinct fruity/spicy smell that is similar to all of them and most certainly encouraged me to go ahead and take a bite for the first time.


When describing the taste, Fori themselves ask us to place an image in our mind of the result of combining premium jerky and a high end granola bar (excluding the sticky stuff).

Based on my experience in trying out all four of their options, I can relate to this, however I would change the ‘jerky’ in their description for biltong, but that is possibly just my African bias coming through.

I would also include the words fruity and spicy and they are very far from being bland. However one thing that they are not is salty, which is in stark contrast to almost all biltong that I have eaten.

My Favourite
Obviously everyone is going to have their own personal favourite(s) based on their preferences and mine has to be the Chilli Beef, followed closely by the Peri-Peri Chicken. Both of which are very spicy, but without being too hot.

12x chilli beef Fori barsThe most important thing regarding their taste to me is that whilst I wouldn’t describe them as my favourite tasting savoury snack of all time (that title still belongs to biltong), I would however say that I do like the taste and will most certainly be buying some more.

Price & Value for Money

Available from their website or on at the same price, each Fori bar has a RRP of £2.99 and the Explorer Pack currently costs £11.96 for four.

You can also buy each of the flavours in packs of twelve at a price of £32.99, or £31.99 on which brings down the cost of each bar to about £2.67.

Good Value For Money?
Well they are a little more expensive in comparison to some other high protein chocolate or flapjack type of bars that dominate the market, but remember that this is a meat product and far more like real food and not a highly processed sugary treat that they have simply thrown a bunch of whey protein into.

It is just because of this that I also feel that the full you up far more than just about every other similar type of product that I have tried and so in some ways yes, whilst not cheap, I do feel they offer decent value for money.

Fori Explorer Pack

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Peri-Peri Chicken Fori Bar Taste TestFor me and my particular preferences, I would have to say that my idea of the Ultimate High Protein Savoury Snack for chewing on whilst watching a film on Netflix in the evening would still have to be a stick of biltong. However there is only so much of a good thing that you can have until you crave for something else.

Now I do have another option and that is a Fori bar that I eat not only because it tastes good, but is filling and the best part is that it is supplying my body with a good dose of the minerals and vitamins that it requires.

On the Move Convenience
What is more, it’s size, packaging and the fact that it does not require refrigeration make it a really convenient snack to take wherever you go and open up and eat when you need.

Just like an energy bar, I found it super easy to stow one away in my cycling jersey pocket and in contrast to biltong, their softer texture makes them much easier to eat on the move and I am sure makes them quicker to digest.

From now on a Fori bar most certainly has it’s place in my high protein armoury of foods and I would recommend them to any cyclist or endurance athlete without hesitation.

If you are interested, my advice would be to follow my lead and to first try out the Explorer Pack and in this wayt discover which versions you like best and then take it from there.

Thanks very much for reading and as usual, I really appreciate any comments or feedback which you can post in the section at the foot of this page.

100% Genuine & Honest Review

Please note, that this Fori Bar review, like all the others I write is completely my own and honest opinion of the product.

I spent a lot of time researching, testing and in this case tasting the product in question and I believe that all the details I have supplied on this page to be correct. However I have been known to make the occasional omission or mistake. So if you spot any, please feel free to contact me to let me know.