Relive Your Ride – Strava add-on

I recently came across this neat (and completely free!) little add-on to Strava that automatically makes a really cool looking aerial video of your ride that I thought was well worth sharing.

Indeed they are able make even the most mundane rides look far more epic than in real life, for example take a look at a training ride I recently completed – 3x10minute Over/Under Hill repeats – could not get more boring than that right? Well take a look:

So just imagine what you’ll get when you actually go on a proper epic journey – I can’t wait until I next visit the Alps or Pyrenees.

So how to get a Movie of your ride?
Basically all you need to to do make your way to the website, where you can link to it up with your Strava account. This enables to get all the info they need about your rides to enable them to create the movies.

Then all you need to do is go for a ride, making sure to upload it to Strava once you get home. Then a couple of hours after your ride you get an email telling you when your movie is ready and where to find it.

You can then share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

More Strava Add-Ons

Strava’s Api permits developers to make add-ons and because the App s so popular, many developers have, which is great as it can make uploading your Strava data far more fun or even useful. Some you have to oay for, but then there are also plenty like that are free.

For an excellent list that contains most of the best ones available, take a look at this page on the ScarletFire Website.