Race Report: Casseneuil

The race for me today was in the beautiful town of Casseneuil on a flat circuit about half an hour from where I live.

Flat races that often end in a bunch sprint are really my strength, so I decided to race anyway, but to use it for training. Strangely this mental attitude gave me the freedom to be ultra aggressive without fear of blowing completely and getting dropped.

Thus right from the start, I managed to get into a number of breaks, including an early but doomed solo effort that lasted for around 5km. Whilst I was trying hard, I was not fully committed as I knew that it was a bit to far from the end and was hoping that a few others would jump across to me.

Racing in Casseneuil

Then with perhaps 10km to go, I bridged to DELZON Claude (ACVL47) who had just attacked and we managed to get a nice gap on the bunch which went right to the end. Unfortunately we were also chasing a lone breakaway rider in the form of BRU Aurélien (Faux Furieux) who had got away a lap or so before us. At one stage he had a gap or more than 30 seconds on the bunch, but by working together, myself and DELZON had him in our sights at only 10 seconds. Unfortunately we were now only a few kilometers from the finish and I guess my breakaway companion had decided to settle with 2nd or third position and stopped pulling as hard at the front.

Working hard at the front of the break

Obviously I did not want to just take him to the finish and so we ended up playing a little cat and mouse. I did finish in front of him, and thus second overall which I’m pleased with, but also disappointed to miss out on the win.

Still I really enjoyed being part of a successful break today and if you had offered it to me this morning I would have bitten your arm off!

PrizesThanks to Cyclo Sport Casseneuil for putting on a great race with super prizes… as you can see on the right I may not have to go grocery shopping next week :-)

I would also like to thank my team and club Team CYCLO 4 Haut Agenais, Marie for the photographs and our fantastic sponsors Vitamont, Le Mariners, UltimumSport and Cabanes Perchées dans les Arbres without who we would not be racing – it is really appreciated.

Final Classifications:

3rd Category:
1st: BRU Aurélien (Faux Furieux)
2nd: WHITEHEAD Jason (Cyclo 4)
3rd: DELZON Claude (ACVL47)
4th: LABADIE Mathieu (vtt club d’Albret)
5th: BROTTO Damien (C.S.Casseneuil)

2nd Category
1st: PONTREAU Samuel (Tonneins)
2nd: MASCARAS Nicolas (Castelsarasin)
3rd: DEJEAN Fabien (Miramont)
4th: DECAUX Thierry (Casteljaloux)
5th: BORIE Florian (UCS Pujols)

1st Category
1st: BREZILLON Paul (Pujols Rando Nature )
2nd: MANFE Fabien (Accro Vélo)
3rd: BELOTTI Jean-Pierre (Varès)
4th: GLOUX Eddy (Castelsagrat)
5th: LEBARBE Fabrice (Moissac)