Bike Build: Viner Maxima RS 4.0 Damaged in Transit

I love that super exciting moment when the delivery vehicle turns up in front of your house and you know that what is inside is something that you have been longing for. On this occasion, for me it was even more exciting than the “normal” super exciting moment as I knew that it must be my new frame, something I had been dreaming, planning for and working towards for a very long time:

Search was over
Viner Maxima RS 4.0 FramesetAfter over a year of searching and researching where I think I have looked a just about every lightweight frameset out there, I finally found a super lightweight frame that fell within my budget and so I eventually settled on the new and stunning looking Viner Maxima RS 4.0. You can real all about this decision in my article on exactly Why I bough the Viner Maxima RS 4.0.

Excitement =>> Concern

My excitement soon became one of concern as I noticed that the box was pretty badly damaged and I half joked to myself saying out loud as I carried it back to the house , “I hope the frame is in one piece”.

Well, I can ay that it was in once piece, but only just! As you can see from the photos below it had been badly damaged (insert sad face emoji here!).

Excellent Customer Service

One thing I would like to highlight is the truly excellent customer service I received and am continuing to get from Planet X Bikes who I can’t fault in any way. Indeed I would like to take this opportunity to thank them.

On discovering the damage, I immediately got onto their website and contacted customer support via their Live Help Chatbox – I spoke to a guy called Mark, who asked me to take some pictures of the frame and box for proof to send to the courier.

He then quickly arranged for the frame to be picked up from me the very next day and once returned a new one will be sent to me to replace it. All this just 3 days before Christmas.

Damaged in Transit: Viner Maxima RS 4.0

Below are the sad pictures I had to take to send onto Planet X in order for them to process the pick-up and then exchange for a new frame. Such a shame and a waste that this one will most certainly never get built up and see the open road

Very First Impressions

Trying not to focus on the damage, I have to say that my very first impressions of the frame were excellent and picking it up for the first time, I dare anyone not to immediately exclaim that it feels incredibly lightweight:

Frame Weight: Viner Maxima RS 4.0
This lightweight feeling is confirmed by placing the frame on the scales (see images below) – whilst a little heavier than the advertised 792g, at 816g you cannot complain and I have to say that because I was returning the frame, I had not removed the guide tubes for helping you thread the gear and rear brake cable through the internally routed frame and a small bag of extra bits (like the Di2 conversion set) was also still fixed to the frame, so if these were to be removed, it would probably be spot on.

Viner Maxima RS 4.0 Forks
As you can see below, the forks that I got with this Viner Maxima RS 4.0 weigh just 347g, which is really lightweight as well. For instance before settling on this frameset, I had pondered getting myself a set of some of the best available, either the 3T Funda or 3T Rigida forks, both of which weigh 340g.

Combined Weight
So this first Viner Maxima RS 4.0 frameset (frame & Forks) I had had a combined weight of 1163g, which is excellent – it will e interesting to see if the next one I get is the same.

Whilst there is a little more flo yellow than I was expecting, the overall build quality and finish on the “Designed in Italy” looks to me to be excellent. I would also like to comment that the layup of the carbon inside looks to be very neat (of the parts that I could see by looking into the hub and headset cavities).

Once my new frame arrives, I will follow up with a full and far more detailed look at the hopefully undamaged frame, my build and then finally a full review.

Until then, thanks for reading, hope you like the pics and see you again soon.

  • Eric Zou

    Please keep posting your test results. I am interesting to buy this bike from PX as well.

    • Hi Eric, Yes I certainly will be adding my thoughts and a full review of the frame. At the moment I am still waiting for the replacement frame to arrive. But should be this week.

      • Jon

        Any progress – keen to know how the build went and the praxis bb?

        • Hi Jon – sorry, I have not got around to writing the review of the bike yet, but I can say that I really like it. So far I have trained and raced on it twice, with nothing but good to say. Lightweight, stiff and responsive. A little more twitchy than what I was used to on my old bike, but I have also grown to like that.

          The Praxis BB – I actually opted for the similar KCNC one that was cheaper and lighter. Super easy to install and as so far have had no issues at all with it – so all good.

  • Hi there, yes have been racing and training on it all season, with some good result as well. Seat post is also good and yes, I would most certainly buy the frame again.