Parcours de Reconnaissance

PosterFor me the biggest and most important races of the whole season come back-to-back over the next couple of weekends.

So for the first one on Sunday, the TCCVD or Le Tour de la communaute des communes de Villefranche Domme (simply rolls off the tongue I know!), I decided to go out and ride the last 60km or so as it is an area of the Dordogne that I have never visited before.

Even though it was raining and involved a couple of hours of driving, I think it was well worth it to check out the course: up and down all day, 4 big climbs with KOM points (MG in France – one I photographed here) and a really hard 3km climb followed by a tricky descent on narrow roads that comes with just under 10km from the end. It also game me a chance to check out potentially good places to attack, what the wind directions are likely to be and a whole lot more. This I hope will give me a small advantage over the other competitors who also do not know the route and at least keep me on a level with those that do.

This is why I really recommend that you do the same for your more important races of the season as it is no good training like crazy, peaking for an event and then getting caught out and missing the break because you were at the back of the bunch right at the point where the road narrowed and turned up a short sharp climb.

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