1990’s Hanson Tour in South Africa

Throwback Friday: Some old photos of me and some of my team mates during the Hanson Tour in South Africa from around 1992/1993 – Due to all the hills and very high level of competition it definitely ranks up there with the hardest stage race I’ve ever done, but I loved every moment of the suffering! Also loved that old Colnago Master, the Time pedals & shoes and check out my Cinelli strip helmet!

I was still racing a junior, indeed my self and another Zimbabwean, Tim Jones were the two youngest people in the race. He raced on a different team than myself, which contained the really good Namibian cyclist Mannie Heymans.

I on the other hand raced in a team that contained the then reigning South African national road race champion, but can’t remember his name! He is on the right in the photo below, which was taken just before the start of a stage on that tour. If anyone recognises him, please drop me a line.


Another team mate of mine who’s name I can remember was was Moolman Welgemoed – another classy South African cyclist who I really got on with.

welgemoed moolman

I seem to remember finishing around 19th overall, but I could be wrong (once again time blurs the memory!) – The winner of the overall was the really great South African cyclist Willie Engelbrecht.