Gluing Tubulars – History, Romance & Mystique of Cycling

I was one of them, for many years I put aside the idea of using the “major hassle” tubulars in favor of the quick fix clinchers. However as I have gotten back to more serious and competitive racing, I have once again looked to exploit every advantage to help me get quicker.

Thus when I got the chance to use a set of 3T Wheels for the next season of racing, I decided rather than the clincher version, I would “go all-in” with tubulars:

Time to Relax, take stock…
Fixing Continental Valve ExtendersIt has been a long while since I last had any tubular wheels and is the first time I’ve actually glued them on myself and whilst I would not want to do this every day, I really did not find the process to be a major pain or in anyway difficult.

In fact I found it to be quite enjoyable, partly relaxing and I guess a little therapeutic:

Part of the History, Romance & Mystique of Cycling
I also know this may sound funny to non cyclists, but it brought back some of the romance and mystique of cycling that I felt as a kid and in a strange way it helped me to get closer to my new 3T Orbis II T50 LTD wheels.

It also most certainly made me look forward to my first ride on them even more, content in the knowledge that these wheels are more than 160g lighter than the clincher version (even more when you add on the weight of tires and tubes vs tubulars :-)

So in this world where everything has to happen today or even right now, it was nice to take some time over a few evenings, put on some chilled music, have a beer and go through the process in a calm and relaxed way – perfect winter relaxation and preparation. Something I highly recommend to anyone for this stressful and often way to fast world we now live in.

Tires: Vittoria Corse CX III 25mm Tubulars
Glue: Vittoria Mastik
Wheels: 3T Orbis II T50 LTD wheels

First Ride on my 3T Orbis II T50 LTD Wheels