Campagnolo Bora One 35 Tubular Wheelset 2015

Main Features[su_list icon=”icon: arrow-circle-right” icon_color=”#029f10″]

  • Rim Depth: 35mm
  • Rim Width: 24.2mm
  • Claimed Weight: 1215g
  • Rim Material: Carbon
  • Special Break Pads Required: Yes
  • Spoke Pattern:


The 2015 version of Campagnolo’s high end Bora One wheelset is different to the previous edition in a number of important areas, but the biggest changes are as follows:

Wider & More Slippy
Following the latest trend, Campagnolo have made the rim wider: Instead of 20.5mm, the width is now 24.2mm. This is said to improve aerodynamics according to the marketing and current belief. Another “benefit” is that it wider tubs will fit onto the rim better, these in turn offer a more comfortable ride as well as provide more grip dure to the larger contact area with the ground.

Whilst I can’t argue with this, in my head this larger contact area should also create more rolling resistance.. but is that just me?

Lighter & Stronger
However Campagnolo also state that this wider rim is structurally stronger, which improves durability and means that they have been able to use less material in their construction which in turn means a reduction in weight on the actual rims.

More grams (15g to be precise) were also shaved off the older version by using a new water transfer method of applying their logos as opposed to heavier adhesives used on the older wheels.

2015 Campagnolo Bora One Hub

The front hub also has a lower profile, which once again reduces weight without any apparent loss in strength or performance according to the company.

Weight is further reduced thanks to a smaller profile front hub applied to this new Bora design. Campagnolo engineers were able to reduce the weight and size of the hub while maintaining all of the performance characteristics of the previous version. In other words, the same fantastic Bora performance in a smaller package.

The result is the 2015 Campagnolo Bora One 35 Tubular Wheelset now tips the scales at 1215g, whilst the previous version came in at 1260g (Front: 555g, Rear wheel: 705g).
Also worth mentioning is that the clincher Bora 35 is as you would expect a little heavier, but till very respectable at: 1406g (Front: 600g, Rear: 805g).

campagnolo bora one 35 rear