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Born almost 20 years ago now, Chirundu.com has taken on many guises during that time, but has always reflected things that have really interested me and which I am involved in. That is why you will still find a section on here relating to “Zim Stuff” because even though I currently live and race in France, my passion for Cycling and bike racing began as a kid growing up in Zimbabwe.

As you can read in the About Me section below, I have been racing bikes on and off for most of my life and whilst I think I am pretty decent, I am in no was brilliant. But what I do have is loads of experience, which is one advantage that as an older person we all have in one form or another and which we can use to our advantage, be that in bike racing or in life in general.

It was this basic idea that came to me during a race that I was competing in recently: For something a little different and probably a little foolishly, I decided to enter a mini-omnium track day event which also happened to be the culmination of big series that had been running all season long. So because of this, apart from myself, all the other guys within the elite category were the top ranking athletes within this series and thus pretty much the creme de la creme of amateur cyclists within our region…..

It goes without saying that I suffered and I suffered bad, but I have to say that whist I was never going to challenge for the top places, because of my experience, I managed to hang in there…. just!

Thus it was on one lap as I was just hanging in there, that the thought came to me that perhaps I could not only pass on some of this experience with others, but have other experienced cyclists also contribute their cycling and racing experience which will benefit all. Thus the idea for the next incarnation of Chirundu.com was born.

Whilst still right at the start of this journey, my intention is with your help to develop this site into becoming a resource for amateur cyclists and particularly those like me that have a family, house, job and thus a limited budget and time available to them with which to get the best out of themselves.

About Me

Born in Zimbabwe in 1974, I now live in Southern France, where I am self employed as an online publisher. I own and run a number of websites, but BestBinocularsReviews.com has become the most successful. It is in my opinion the biggest and best online resource of everything to do with binoculars with the main aim of thoroughly testing and reviewing optics for consumers.

Taking 2nd place behind my team mate in Bias 7 March 2016


I first began competitive cycling at around 10 years old, racing BMX and whilst I competed in a number of national events I was never destined to go any further than this.

My road racing career began whilst I was as a teenager and still living in Zimbabwe. Indeed I went on to represent my country on a number of occasions, including the 1991 Junior World Cycling championships in Colorado and three times at the Giro de Capo stage race in South Africa.

I currently race as a 1st category amateur for the CYCLO 4 Haut Agenais Team based in the Lot-et-Garonne region of France where I live.


Below are my most important results since returning to cycling. Unfortunately the sands of time and the fact that I did not write them down means that I cannot in good faith list my results definitively from my beginnings. But there are a few results like the Zimbabwe junior time trial championships, a third in the Zimbabwe junior national road race championships and 18th in the Hansom Tour of South Africa that come to mind.

2016 – 1st Category

10thRonde des Ecureuils (Casteljaloux) 09/05/2016
8th – Carsac-Aillac 24/04/2016

2016 – 2nd Category

2nd – Domme 03/04/2016 (6pts)
3rd – Longueville 20/03/2016 (5pts)
4th – Ronde de 3 Vallées (Varès) 19/03/2016 (4pts)
3rd – Saint-Pardoux-Isaac 13/03/2016 (6pts)
3rd – Grand Prix de BIAS (Bias) 06/03/2016 (5pts)
3rdLe Grand prix cycliste d’Ouverture (Castelmoron) 21/02/2016 (6pts)

Palmarès 2015

2nd Category
4thTour des 2 Vallées (SAINT CYPRIEN) 26/09/2015 (3pts) – Note: Very close finish, was given 3rd for the podium on the day, but strangely 4th in the official results!?

3rd Category
1stTour du canton de Domme 20/09/2015 (8pts)
3rd (2nd in my age category) – Paunat (Dordogne) 05/09/2015
1stSavignac sur leyze 30/08/2015 (8pts)
2ndCasseneuil 23/08/2015 (6pts)
3rd – Lauzun 08/08/2015 (5pts)
6th(4th in my age category) – Birac sur trec 02/08/2015
8th – Allemans du dropt 05/07/2015
4th – Molières Souvenir Bertrand Bertin (Dordogne) 28/06/2015
6th – Grateloup Saint Gayrand 20/06/2015
9th – Rouffignac (Dordogne) 25/05/2015
7th – Casteljaloux 08/05/2015
5th – Pont st mamet 02/05/2015 (3pts)
3rd – Castels (finsac Dordogne) 25/04/2015
4th (3rd in my age category) – Saint vincent de cosse (Dordogne) 08/04/2015
10th – Vares – Ronde des 3 Vallees 28/03/2015
10th – Saint-Pardoux-Isaac 15/03/2015
4thGrand prix cycliste d’Ouverture, Castelmorn-Sur-Lot 22/02/15 (4pts)

What has happened to the old Chirundu.com?

chirundu.com logoThe original Chirundu.com began life over 16 years ago when I first left Zimbabwe and moved over to the UK. Back then it was a sort of contacts database for the many Zimbabweans and other Africans living abroad and provided a way for all of us to keep in contact with our friends and family scattered around the globe.

I designed and built that version long before the likes of Facebook were even thought of and am very proud of the fact that we had an active member base of over 20 000 members.

What About the Chirundu.com Community?

Now that the new global social networking sites like Facebook are here with their many millions of members including most of the Zimbabweans who were on Chirundu.com, our database became much less important to the Zimbabwean community than it once was. On top of this I felt that it was pointless having your details duplicated on more than one website and so I decided to stop running Chirundu.com as a contacts database.

You can still keep in touch, just join the >> chirundu.com facebook group, where you can keep up-to-date with news and announcements on this site and with the general goings on with Zimbos all around the globe.

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Casteljeloux - La ronde des écureuils 08 May 2015