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Fraser Mackay’s ‘Babwean Memorabilia

Fraser Mackay 'Babwean MemorabiliaThe perfect music to accompany ANY Braai!

Fraser Mackay’s ‘Babwean Memorabilia is now available for download on Amazon both in the UK and the US.

Whilst the album only has four official tracks, the total running length is almost an hour and a quarter and consists of what I think is the set from a live recording at a beerfest in Zimbabwe.


  1. Tequila Medley, Length: 25:09
  2. Dop Medley, Length: 21:27
  3. Sadza Medley, Length: 15:36
  4. One For the Road Medley, Length: 11:49

Listen & Download Now

You can listen to samples of each of these tracks and buy the album from Amazon – links below:

Zimbabwe International 7s Rugby

A few photos from the Zimbabwe International 7s Rugby Tournament at Harare Sports Club on Saturday:

Male Pin-Tailed Whydah (Vidua macroura)

I got lucky a few days ago when this very territorial male Pin-Tailed Whydah (Vidua macroura) stopped chasing his hareem (and every other bird around my parents garden), staying still just long enough for me to take his photo.

And below is a photo I also managed to get a pic of one of his far less extravagant girls:

Female Pin-Tailed Whydah (Vidua macroura)

Female Pin-Tailed Whydah (Vidua macroura)

30th November 2012 Press Release:
Zimbabwe Seven’s Rugby announced their touring squad of 12 players who will represent the country at the IRB World Series 7’s tournament in South Africa next weekend. The ‘SPAR Cheetahs’ were invited to the Nelson Mandela Bay 7s as winners of the Confederation of African Rugby 7s, a tournament the team won in September this year.

The SPAR Cheetahs will join the 15 best teams from around the world to the 2 day event held at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium on the 8th and 9th of December. The SPAR Cheetahs will only know who they will face in the pool stages of the event, when the draw is done next week.

Zimbabwe 7s team:

Jacques Leitao (Captain), Fortune Chipendu, Njabulo Ndlovu, Justin Coles, Tangai
Nemadire, Danny Hondo, Gardener Nechironga, Wes Mbanje, Kilvan Magunje, Rubber Chitokwindo, Garth Zeigler (new cap), Tapiwa Tsomondo (new cap).

  • Manager: Bruce Hobson
  • Coach: Gilbert Nyamutsamba
  • Physio: Sophia Steffens

Title Sponsors SPAR, continue to be the driving force behind the developments surrounding the 7s rugby game. For 3 years now SPAR have supported efforts surrounding the game, from a grass roots level through to the National team. See more at or Other strong supporters of the game are Lion Lager and Irvine’s Zimbabwe, all of whom have been an essential component of ensuring the 7s game grows in Zimbabwe.

Below is a short story written by a good friend of ours, who fairly recently returned to Zimbabwe with her husband and their young daughter after living for almost ten years in the UK. I thought that it would be of interest and provide inspiration to those who, like us are also considering doing the same thing:

Returning to Zimbabwe

“Didn’t think the day would ever come”…how aptly my mum’s SMS had echoed my own sentiment… After 9 years and 10 months, my husband and I had decided to return from the comfort and security of the UK to our beloved homeland, Zimbabwe, our primary motivation being to live closer to family.

Strange as it may seem, it took as much as two years for me to feel settled again, however, I finally have a wonderful sense of peace about our decision. I felt it was important for us to be clear about our priorities and goals from the outset, in order to remain focused when the going got tough! We were also forced to accept that we were going back to a different Zimbabwe from the place we had left behind in 2000.

Our life now is a far cry from the ‘rat race’ in which we once took part and we are extremely grateful for the bright sunshine each morning, the ease of getting to and from work (once you’ve mastered the art of dodging the potholes, of course), and the ease with which we socialise with friends during the week.

Re-emigrating wasn’t as straightforward as one might have imagined, although we had anticipated as much, bearing in mind my husband no longer had a ‘Returning Resident’ stamp in his British passport. After three trips to the Immigration department in just two days, we came to the conclusion that perhaps using a facilitator to apply for his Residence Permit would be best after all! To cut a very long story short, US$2,160.00 poorer and two months later, we eventually tasted success…in the form of a visa…valid for a year! The second time round was no different, however, after countless visits over the course of 6 months, we managed to secure a visa valid to October 2013.

We experienced similar delights with the shipping agents as we had shipped a container with our twincab and other personal effects. I guess you could say I became extremely well acquainted with the ZIMRA office in town and at the container depot in the industrial sites at Workington, oh yes, and the little first floor office on the corner of Angwa and South Avenue which had a photocopier (seemingly gold dust here!) After 3 days of tooing and froing, we eventually drove our truck and possessions home and what a delight that was;-)

Strangely, house prices in Harare have continued to rise despite the economic situation and with the lack of availability of affordable mortgage deals, it is unlikely that we will be able to buy a house. We didn’t have a lot of money saved up before our return, and it’s near impossible to accumulate any savings here, what with astronomic school fees (in excess of US$2000 per term at private senior schools) and rents (averaging US$1500 per month). Well paying jobs are like diamonds in the rough too. We have a couple of friends who bought and sold houses in the UK, thereby enabling them to purchase property in Zimbabwe, which would seem like the best way to go…but it’s all about what’s important to you, I guess!

On the bright side, you’re able to buy almost anything here, at a price, and investment is slow but steady. Sam Levy’s Village in Borrowdale continues to be a little gold mine, with several new restaurants and shops. The Zimbabwe Mall project is set to commence in 2013.

Family Life
I feel extremely blessed to be able to bring up my little girl in Zimbabwe. I dread to think how I’d cope without her grandparents, who provide a wonderful source of support to us, but also lavish Kiera with love and attention…and gifts! The climate lends itself to raising children, and Kiera spends many a morning or afternoon pottering outdoors, playing in her sandpit or exploring the wonder of creation in the garden. She’s even started to imitate various bird calls now! Off course, a swimming pool fence is a must for added peace of mind! ‘Gogo’, our maid, is an additional blessing, especially when I want to bath in peace, or if I need to nip out to the shops or do some chores whilst Kiera is sleeping. I’m not quite sure how I’d manage in the first world now;-)

ZimbabaNEWS – Zimbabwe’s First Parenting Website

When my daughter was just a wee babe, I had to find out about products and services for babies by word of mouth, or through my own enquiries, and I often wished there’d been one central point to access this sort of information! Hence, I decided to introduce my weekly email newsletter, ZimbabaNEWS, especially for parents with small children, and a couple of months later, I launched my website (ZimbabaNEWS).

Of particular importance to me, is to try and help those families who have children with health conditions or disabilities, by providing them with a source of information, hence I have dedicated a page on the website to Support Organisations. I’d love to continue developing the website to become a ‘one stop shop’ for parents of babies and/or small children in Harare.

I recently introduced a Discussion Forum page, as one of my dreams is for the site to become a support forum, where parents feel comfortable sharing their experiences with one another, and they can draw encouragement from other people in the same boat as them, when they need it most!

I also have a blog where I share my personal experiences, and I have just created a page on Facebook. If you’d like to sign up to receive our newsletter, all you have to do is email ‘hello’ to

Ps: ZimbabaNEWS currently have a ‘Funniest Faces Competition’ running on our website until 15th September 2012 (open to residents of Zimbabwe only).

Zimbabwe at the London 2012 Paralympics

Zimbabw’s wheelchair tennis player, Nyasha Mharakurwa

Zimbabwean Athletes don’t get nearly as much coverage as they deserve and as such many people don’t even know that we have any Zimbabweans competing at the Paralympic Games in London.

So following on from my article on the Zimbabwean Team at the Olympics, I thought that it would be useful for people to know when to tune in to cheer on the Zimbabwean athletes at the London 2012 Paralympics:

Next Events

Next events in which a Zimbabwean will be competing in:

Thursday, 6th September 2012

  • Elliot Mujaji Men’s 100m – T46, Round 1 – Olympic Stadium at 11:55am (UK Time)
  • Elliot Mujaji Men’s 100m – T46, Finals – Olympic Stadium at 20:12 (UK Time)

Latest Results

1 September

  • Nyasha Mharakurwa Lost to KUNIEDA Shingo of Japan 6-0, 6-0 in the second round of the Mens Singles Wheelchair Tennis

2nd September

  • Nyasha Mharakurwa Beat AVANTHEY Yann from Switzerland 6-4, 6-3 in the first round of the Mens Singles Wheelchair Tennis

Zimbabwe Paralympic Team

Below are all the members of the Zimbabwe Paralympic Team – It lists their upcoming event dates and times as well as the results of events already completed.

Nyasha Mharakurwa

Wheelchair Tennis

Mens Singles 1st Round Beat AVANTHEY Yann from Switzerland 6-4, 6-3
  Mens Singles 2nd Round Lost to KUNIEDA Shingo of Japan 6-0, 6-0

Elliot Mujaji


Men’s 100m – T46 Round 1 – Olympic Stadium – Thursday, 06 September 2012 11:55 Result:
  Men’s 100m – T46 Final – Olympic Stadium – Thursday, 06 September 2012 20:12 Result:

Book Review: After the Rains by Emily Barroso

After the Rains by Emily Barroso

Win a Copy of After the Rains
We have a copy of After the Rains by Emily Barroso to give away – for a chance to win, just like or share this page and any social platform (links at top of page above) Or comment on this post at the bottom of the page.

After the Rains is described as an adventurous, dramatic novel that follows the coming of age of fictional Jayne Cameron with that of post-colonial Rhodesia as it morphs into the free Zimbabwe. Review
After the Rains is written in the first person by Emily Barroso and offers you a glimpse into the life of a young but spirited girl, Jayne ‘Jay’ Cameron during the difficult teenager years in a very real situation that many young white Rhodesian’s/Zimbabwean’s would of faced growing up during the civil war.

Like many people I know, she grew up playing with the farm worker’s children often forming special bonds. In Jay’s case he was called Enoch, whose family had worked for generations with the Cameron’s on a tea plantation.

Through the eyes of Jay, you are taken through the emotional turmoil often faced by young people trying to understand and put into perspective the feelings that they have whilst also curtailing to the accepted “rules” of society, all the while it is rapidly capsizing.

Throughout the book, the two families, one white and one black, struggle to deal with the inevitable change from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe, the battle for freedom as well as land, which inevitably culminates in violent action and betrayal.

After the Rains was a pleasure to read, especially as a Zimbabwean. I loved the language and use of words, many of which are unique to that area, period and are part of our history. Time after time, I would come across a word, phrase or saying that would bring back so many memories.

So whilst the book will obviously appeal to those of us from or who have lived in Zimbabwe and other parts of Southern Africa, the story is a universal one with its themes of land, loss, longing and redemption and the ability of the human spirit to overcome great odds, which we can all identify with. (By Sharon for

Emily Barroso About the Author

Emily Barroso was born in Zimbabwe and after the bush war, her family moved to South Africa in 1980. This move really affected her and it was partly this sense of dislocation that inspired After the Rains.

Emily lived in South Africa from 1985-1986, and then moved to London where she has lived ever since. Until April 2009, Emily taught Creative Writing and Art in a therapeutic capacity to ex-offenders and those with a history of addiction or mental health issues.

Emily Barroso has been compared to writers such as Alexandra Fuller (Don’t Let’s Go To the Dogs Tonight) but realized she could write from an early age. With not much television to speak of in 70’s Zimbabwe, she quickly got through her parents bookshelves. She particularly enjoyed Wilbur Smith and Reader’s Digest compilations!

Her creative writing tutor at university advised her to do an MA in Creative Writing, and afterwards she was nominated the university’s writer of the future in order for her to be put up for the Jerwood/Arvon young writer’s apprenticeships, a national award, one of which she won.

Emily has written for open democracy online magazine on Zimbabwe and Burma and was a recipient of Jerwood/Arvon Young Writers’ Apprenticeship in 2004/5. She is married and has two children.

Where to buy After the Rains

UK ShoppersAfter the Rains in the UK

After the Rains

US ShoppersAfter the Rains in the USA

After the Rains

More Reviews of the Book

Below are a few of the things that other people have been saying about the novel:

“I loved this book! A touching story told from the perspective of a young girl whose idyllic lifestyle in the post-colonial Rhodesia is turned upside down during the terrorist war in the 70’s when her family is forced to move from their farm into the safety of town. Sensitively written, I particularly liked the way the author managed to get the story across from the perspective of both sides, without judging, simply leaving the reader to conclude that there are never any real winners in a war.” (By PJB “Trish”)

‘After the Rains’ is a stark reminder of the pointlessness of war. Each side holds views and these views are a catalyst for justifiable murder and the destruction of family life. Emily Barroso brings Rhodesia to life in her novel and one can almost feel the hot sun and the beautiful landscape. This idealism is destroyed as the Rhodesian Civil War engulfs the country and the novel’s narrator, Jayne, is forced, after a terrorist attack, to flee her childhood and farm with her family. Barroso explores relationships between black and white, right and wrong, and the reader is left with a grey area called life and the fact that ‘It’s all vanity, it’s all an illusion, everything except that infinite sky’ (Tolstoy). A great novel and well worth reading. (Lindsay Jardine, The South African)

“After the Rains kept me involved to the final page. It was a really good read & I very quickly found myself back in Africa. There’s a good plot & the pace is varied, with great dialogue, humour & tragedy, as well as social & political history. I highly recommend this novel – especially to anyone with African connections.” (By josbooks)

‘Barroso’s treatment of the universal themes of love, loss and redemption through the eyes of a young girl on the cusp of adulthood is compelling, and her exploration of Zimbabwe’s land ownership struggles highlights an on-going source of tension.’ (The Zimbabwean)

“The descriptive power of this book that evoked long-dormant memories from my own Zimbabwean childhood unnerved me. The gripping story; woven with such beautiful imagery, perfectly capturing the essence of the beautiful land ravaged by war; stirred me very personally. I delighted in the narrative and revelled in the sensuous command of the description. Thank you for this wonderful book!” (By Charlotte O)

“I purchased this book as a gift. As a Zimbabwean I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great service, great condition and speedy delivery too. Thank you so much” (By Mrs. Sa Bekker – Amazon Customer)

Further Reading

Write a Book Review

If you have read this book or any other book relating to Zimbabwe or Africa and would like to review it on, please contact me as I would love to be able to include it on the site.

I have been living out of Zimbabwe for more than 12 years now, but do I go home every year to visit my family. This “holiday” usually only last a few weeks and before I know it I am back at Harare airport.

Next year I am planning on going back for a much longer period of time, the idea being that I want to try and see what it is like to live in Zimbabwe again and if it works out I will consider moving back home.

Because of this, I have been doing quite a bit of research on a whole range of subjects and areas in preparation of this intended “extended” visit to Zimbabwe. From accommodation to the internet and broadband connections.

A real help with this research has been The Directory, a Zimbabwe Business Directory that has enabled me to find and contact a whole host of Zimbabwean companies very quickly and easily.

I can remember trying the same sort of thing a few years ago, back then Zimbabwe was still pretty much in the dark when it came to the internet and it was actually easier for me to find out what I was looking for by phoning my folks and then getting them to do the research for me! Thankfully much of this has now changed.

So because it has been so helpful to me and therefore it may be of use to other Zimbos, I thought I would find out a bit more and spread the word:

About The Directory

The Directory has undertaken the task of registering every business (old and new) in Zimbabwe on it’s website and then print hard copies of The Directory in colour on quality A4 paper.

They have a team of agents who on a daily basis are venturing door-to-door, street-by-street, upstairs and down stairs collecting company business information. Their details are then published on The Directory website and the listings owners are able to login to their profiles (much like on facebook) and extend their company profile as well as ensure that their contact information is accurate.

Sweetmellon Publishers who own the rights to The Directory and publish other websites and magazines such as Zimbabwe’s Homes Magazine believe that there is a need for a reliable business directory in Zimbabwe.

It is great to see new businesses emerging and thankfully the needed competition and quality of service starting to resurface in Zimbabwe. The Directory believe that all businesses in Zimbabwe need a quick and cost effective way of marketing themselves to the Zimbabwean public as well as exposing themselves internationally and they are proud of their “world class” website and of the fact that they offer all online listings free of charge.

What’s Next
Once they have collated sufficient information on businesses in Zimbabwe, the plan is to take these company listings to the printers a produce a quality and accurate Zimbabwe Business Directory on paper as well.

More Information:

Zimbabwe at the London 2012 Olympics

Kirsty Coventry - Being interviewed after finishing 2nd in the Semi Finals of Women’s 200m Backstroke

I thought that it may be useful for people to know when to tune in to cheer on the Zimbabwean athletes at the London 2012 Olympics:

Next Events

Next events in which a Zimbabwean will be competing in:

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Latest Results

Tuesday 7th August 2012

Sunday, 5th August 2012

Saturday 4th August 2012

Friday 3rd August 2012

Thursday 2nd August 2012

Tuesday 31st July 2012

Monday 30th July 2012

Sunday 29th July 2012

Saturday 28th July 2012

Zimbabwe Olympic Team

Below are all the members of the Zimbabwe Olympic Team in alphabetical order – It lists their upcoming event dates and times as well as the results of events already completed.

Kirsty Coventry


Women’s 100m Backstroke Heat 4 – Aquatics Centre – Sunday, 29 July 2012 10:00am (UK Time) Result: 4th
  Women’s 100m Backstroke Semi Final – Aquatics Centre- Sunday, 29 July 2012 20:49 (UK Time) Result: 7th
  Women’s 200m Backstroke Heat 5- Aquatics Centre – Thursday, 02 August 2012 11:31 (UK Time) 12:31 (Zim Time) Result: 2nd
  Women’s 200m Backstroke Semi Final (Heat 2) – Thursday, 02 August 2012 19:58 (UK Time) 20:58 (Zim Time) Result: 2nd
  Women’s 200m Backstroke Final – Aquatics Centre – Friday, 03 August 2012 19:30 (UK Time) 20:30 (Zim Time) Result: 6th
  Women’s 200m Individual Medley Heat 5 – Aquatics Centre – Monday, 30 July 2012 10:41 (UK Time) 11:41am (Zim Time) Result: 2nd
  Women’s 200m Individual Medley Semi Final – Aquatics Centre – Monday, 30 July 2012 20:55 (UK Time) 21:55 (Zim Time) Result: 3rd
  Women’s 200m Individual Medley Final – Aquatics Centre – Monday, 30 July 2012 20:55 (UK Time) 21:55 (Zim Time) Result: 6th

Christopher Felgate


Men’s Triathlon Final – Hyde Park – Tuesday, 07 August 2012 11:30 (UK Time) Result: 52nd

James Fraser-Mackenzie


Men’s Single Sculls Heat 3 – Eton Dorney – Saturday, 28 July 2012 12:30 (UK Time) Result: 5th
    Mens Repechages – Eton Dorney – Sunday, 29 July 2012 09:50 (UK Time) Result: 4th
    Semi Final (Match 6) – From 31 July 9:40 (UK Time) Result: 3rd
    Finals (E) – Friday, 03 August 2012 09:30 (UK Time) Result: 6th

Wirimai Juwawo


Men’s Marathon Final – Sunday, 12 August 2012 11:00 (UK Time) Result:

Cuthbert Nyasango


Men’s Marathon Final – Sunday, 12 August 2012 11:00 (UK Time) Result:

Sharon Tavengwa


Women’s Marathon Final – The Mall – Sunday, 05 August 2012 11:00 (UK Time) Result: DNF

Micheen Thornycroft


Women’s Single Sculls Heat 2- Eton Dorney – Saturday, 28 July 2012 13:30 (UK Time) Result: 3rd
    Quarter Final (Repechage 3) – Tuesday, 31 July 2012 11:40 – 12:00 (UK Time) Result: 4th
    Semi Finals (D) – Eton Dorney – Thursday, 02 August 2012 09:30 Result: 1st
    Finals (C) – Eton Dorney – Saturday, 04 August 2012 09:30 Result: 2nd

Go Zimbabwe!!!

Fantastic effort – Micheen Thornycroft comes from behind to win the Women’s Single Sculls Semi Final (D) and makes it into Final (C) Go Team Zimbabwe!

Kirsty Coventry finishes in 2nd in Heat 5 of Women’s 200m Backstroke, Qualifies for the Semi Finals with the 3rd fastest time.

Micheen Thornycroft rowing in the Women’s Single Sculls Semi Final (D)

Zim Support for Kirsty at the Swimming

Kirsty Coventry before the start of the Final of the Women’s 200m Individual Medley

Zimbabwe’s James Fraser-Mackenzie finishes in 3rd in the Men’s Single Sculls Rowing Semi Final (Match 6)

Zim thrash SA & win Twenty20 Triangular Series

ZIMBABWE stun favourites South Africa, beating them by nine wickets in the final of the Twenty20 tri-nations tournament.

Prior to this tournament Zimbabwe had only beaten South Africa twice in a pair of ODIs in 1999 and 2000-01. They have now gone past them for the second time in five days Zimbabwe in a warm-up event for the ICC World Twenty20 in Sri Lanka this September and October.

South African Innings
South Africa batted first in the tri-series final at Harare Sports Club making what looked like a decent 146 for 6 in their 20 overs, but it could have been much worse for the Proteas earlier as they lost opener Richard Levi for a first-ball duck and were reduced to six for two in the second over.

Then Hashim Amla, Colin Ingram, Justin Ontong and Dane Vilas fell cheaply to the Zimbabwean spinners and were looking decidedly wobbly at 67 for 5 in the 12th over. But Faf du Plessis steadied the ship and with some fleet footwork, especially to the slow bowlers brought up a 48-ball fifty in the 16th over. He eventually went on to make 66, before being caught by Hamilton Masakadza off the bowling of Kyle Jarvis.

Albie Morkel made an unbeaten 34 and Colin Ingram (19) and Wayne Parnell (12) were the only others to make double figures in the South African innings.

Kyle Jarvis finished with figures of two for 22 and there was a singe wicket each for Chris Mpofu, Prosper Utseya, Graeme Creamer and Malcolm Waller.

Zimbabwean Innings
Zimbabwe cruised to 1-150 with 17 balls to spare thanks to a superb unbeaten partnership between captain Brendan Taylor (59no) and Hamilton Masakadza (58no).

Faced with a tricky target of 147, both Masakadza and captain Taylor showed remarkable poise and confidence to race to the win with a full 17 balls to spare and the South African bowling attack had no answers to a flawless batting display.

Masakadza had been a little lucky to survive what seemed to be an adjacent lbw call against Lonwabo Tsotsobe off the very first delivery and Zimbabwe lost an adventurous Vusi Sibanda to a stunning catch by Farhaan Behardien at cover point in the fourth over.

The match turned decisively in the sixth over of the innings, bowled by Robin Peterson. Peterson had been South Africa’s bowler of the tournament before this match, giving away less than six runs an over in his previous games. But he fell victim to a stunning assault in his first over with 21 runs coming off it as Taylor led the charge with a slog-swept six and a brace of offside boundaries before Masakadza stepped out to smear a towering blow over wide long on.

With a trademark ramped uppercut, Taylor moved swiftly through the 20s and Masakadza extended Peterson’s pain by shellacking a second six over deep midwicket as the runs continued to flow for Zim and South Africa started to look increasingly desperate in the field.

Taylor was first to his fifty, reaching the mark from just 32 deliveries thanks to a sloppy overthrow in the 15th over. Masakadza celebrated his own half-century two overs later with joyful emotion, pumping his fist and embracing his captain before saluting all corners of a packed Harare Sports Club. After reaching his fourth fifty of the tournament – an achievement that rightfully earned him the Man-of-the-Series award – Masakadza took Zimbabwe to the brink of a famous victory with a flurry of powerful boundaries off a listless Tsotsobe, before Taylor ended the match with a crunching pull.

“I am over the moon after beating a quality team and so proud of the boys,” said No.3 batsman and wicketkeeper Taylor. “We don’t get days like these very often so we are going to enjoy ourselves tonight.”

“I thought 146 was a defendable total so hats off to Zimbabwe,” said South Africa captain Hashim Amla. “While Zimbabwe were the better team on the day, we have learnt a lot regarding who should go to Sri Lanka and who should hot.”

Many South African cricket writers had argued against the Proteas going to Harare, saying Zimbabwe and Bangladesh were too weak to provide meaningful opposition. But the Proteas were unable to put in the performances when it mattered, however there were a few positives for South Africa as with only three matches to play until the ICC World Twenty20 in September in Sri Lanka. Faf du Plessis showed off his all-round capabilities; Wayne Parnell proved that he can perform under the pressure; and Richard Levi showed that he is more than a one-hit wonder.

Players of the Tournament
Hamilton Masakadza was named man of the series after finishing as the tournament’s top run-scorer with 267 runs with an average of 66.75 and notching up four half-centuries in five matches. He also scored a hundred in the tour match against Bangladesh and is enjoying what Alistair Campbell said is the form of his life.

Chris Mpofu was the joint leading wicket-taker in the tournament, with seven wickets and an average of 16.14. He showed good ability on a familiar surface to mix up pace with cutters and performed the role of the senior seamer that he is. Mpofu said he benefitted from being pushed by youngsters like Kyle Jarvis and now has another pace bowler to contend with as well.

The find of the tournament was surely Richard Muzhange. He bowled with control and executed the yorker with perfection, especially at the death of an innings. Jason Gillespie, who coached Muzhange at the Mid-West Rhinos last season, identified him as a future star and Butcher, the Zimbabwean coach could not be more pleased. “He is definitely one for the future. He showed great composure and that he is willing to learn.”

This enthusiasm and willingness to learn could be associated with almost all of the Zimbabwe side. Zim have a way to go, but have learnt what to do in certain conditions and how to play in certain situations and this has made them a more competitive team and Butcher said it has also had an influence on their mindsets. “The players are growing in confidence and self-belief. Hopefully, we will take that with us into the ICC World Twenty20 to be held in Sri Lanka this September and October.”

Zimbabwe Cricket Books

Amazon, have a bunch of Zim related cricket books, including "Blood, Sweat And Treason" by Henry Olonga, “A History of the Rhodesia and Zimbabwe National Sides” by Jonty Winch who traces the history of cricket in this country (Zimbabwe) from the first recorded game played in 1890, through two World Wars and a guerilla war, to the comparative peace of post-independence and eventual world recognition in the 1980s when Zimbabwe was able to send a side to England to take part in the I.C.C. Trophy competition which it won.

There is also the Autobiography of another great Zimbabwean cricket coach Duncan Fletcher “Behind the Shades”

UK Shoppers USA:

Zimbabwe Cricket on

At the moment Amazon UK don’t have as wide selection as the US site, but I have ordered books from the US and had them delivered to the UK with no problems.

UK Shoppers UK:
Zimbabwe Cricket on

Where to Buy Blood, Sweat and Treason

Blood, Sweat & Treason by Henry OlongaCurrently available in Hardcover it is available online through Amazon, in the UK and US

UK Shoppers UK
Blood, Sweat and Treason on

US Shoppers USA

Blood, Sweat and Treason on